Ocado sued, a foldable iPhone & more…Keep up with the latest intellectual property news in our weekly round-up…

Ocado sued by Norway rival in warehouse technology patent row

Ocado is facing allegations that its robot-operated warehouse technology has infringed a rival company’s patents.

Apple working on foldable iPhone with ‘self-healing’ screen, patent reveals

Apple is working on a foldable iPhone with a “self-healing” screen to fix scratches and dents, according to reports. The tech giant has filed a patent for the device which would have a screen that runs right across the actual fold in the phone. And according to the filing Apple says that the phone would actually heal any damage automatically.

Sonos sues Google for infringing five more wireless audio patents

Sonos has filed another patent lawsuite against Google, alleging that the search giant is infringing five wireless audio patents across the entire line of Nest and Chromecast products.

Nikola targets critical YouTube accounts in copyright crackdown

Nikola, the embattled electric vehicle start-up, has forced the removal of several critical videos from YouTube, saying they infringed its copyright by using footage from the company – including the now-famous clip of a prototype truck rolling down a hill.

Hugo Boss claims Scouse slogan infringes copyright

An artist who launched his own clothing range during the coronavirus lockdown is facing a legal battle with fashion giants Hugo Boss over his merchandise.

Ocado sued, a foldable iPhone & more...

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