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US government’s Darpa probes Moderna’s vaccine patents

The US Department of Defense’s research arm is probing patents filed by and awarded to Moderna, a US biotech company developing a Covid-19 vaccine, after researchers accused the company of failing to disclose government funding as it is required to do so by federal law.

UK Supreme Court dismisses telecoms patent infringement appeal by Huawei

A patent infringement appeal brought against the UK branch of the telecommunications company Huawei has been dismissed by the UK Supreme Court after the company challenged the decision by the English Court of Appeal to uphold the trail judge’s order.

NASA patented a faster, cheaper route to the moon

The US Patent and Trademark Office granted and published NASA’s patent for a series of orbital manoeuvres that are designed to save a lunar-bound mission time, fuel and money as well as boost its scientific value.

‘Electric Avenue’ singer Eddy Grant files suit against Trump campaign for copyright infringement

Singer Eddy Grant has filed a copyright lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s campaign over a campaign video that his lawyers say illegally uses the singers iconic 1983 song “Electric Avenue”.

Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’ copyright lawsuit can proceed, judge rules

A Los Angeles federal court judge has decided that two songwriters who claim their lyrics were pilfered by Taylor Swift for her massive 2014 hit Shake It Off may have a case.

A faster route to the moon & more...

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