Pharma leaders shoot down WHO patent pool & more…Keep up with the latest intellectual property news in our weekly round-up…

Pharma leaders shoot down WHO voluntary pool for patent rights on Covid-19 products

The heads of some of the world’s largest drug makers expressed a mix of confusion and resistance to the World Health Organisation voluntary pool to collect patent rights, regulatory test data, and other information that could be shared for developing Covid-19 therapies, vaccines, and diagnostics.

Alexion stock jumps on signal that fight over patent may end soon

In a Wednesday filing, a judge with the Patent Trail and Appeal Board said that Alexion and Amgen, which brought the suit, had asked to postpone the scheduled start date of oral arguments in the trail because they had “reached a settlement agreement in principle”.

China issues ruling in first 5G criminal intellectual property law case

The People’s Court of Nanshan District of Shenzhen recently issued a ruling believed to be the first 5G criminal intellectual property law case in China.

Michael Moore documentary Planet of the Humans is removed from YouTube for ‘copyright infringement’

Michael Moore and writer-producer Jeff Gibbs told Deadline they discovered that their film, which has racked more than 8.3 million views, was taken down from YouTube after a copyright claim was lodged against the documentary over four seconds of footage it contains.

And finally, some good news…

Eureka moment? Law firms report rush to patent ideas amid UK lockdown

Law firms have seen a rush of patent inquiries as bored Britons use their spare time in lockdown to come up with new inventions.

Pharma leaders shoot down WHO patent pool & more...

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