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Trump trademark applications spiked around the world when he started running for president

Analyses of domestic and international trademark applications databases show that Trump, his company and his family have applied for upward of 1,000 trademarks since the late 1980s.

Gilead delayed safer HIV drug to extend monopoly profits, advocates allege

It has been alleged that Gilead postponed development of a potentially safer drug so it could continue to gain monopoly profits from its older combination HIV drugs before they went off patent and faced generic competition.

Nike now holds patent for blockchain-based sneakers called ‘CryptoKicks’

The US Patent Office has today issued sportswear brand Nike’s patent for its blockchain-compatible sneakers dubbed “CryptoKicks”.

Disney ‘Frozen 2’ merch infringes Trademarks, claims retailer

A Nevada-based retailer is taking on Disney in a trademark infringement suit over ‘Frozen 2’ merchandise.

EU Court rejects trademark for Italian cannabis shop

An Italian store selling dog treats and coffee made with cannabis cannot trademark its marijuana leaf-filled logo, the European General Court ruled Thursday.

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