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Discretionary denials at patent court thwart generic drugmakers

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has increasingly been using its discretion to deny patent challenge requests in recent years, frustrating generic drugmakers’ efforts to bring low-cost medications to the market.

Irish whiskey gains certification trademark in Taiwan

Irish whiskey has been granted a certification trademark in both English and Chinese with the aim of giving consumers in Taiwan more confidence in the quality and authenticity of Irish whiskey.

Online piracy is declining among young internet users

Online piracy among young internet users continues to decline as legal music, video and gaming platforms become the primary source of entertainment for 15-24 year olds.

‘No White House response’ from SJPs ‘fake news’ cease and desist letter

The Society of Professional Journalists trademarked the term ‘fake news’ last week so it could prevent the president and others misusing it. This week, they say they are yet to hear back from the White House after it sent a cease and desist letter to Donald Trump.

Katy Perry sued for copyright infringement over Hillary Clinton costume photo

Celebrity photo agency Backgrid USA has sued the pop star for copyright infringement over an October 29th 2016 Instagram post that features a photo of Perry in a Hillary Clinton Halloween costume.

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