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WeWork CEO returns $5.9 million the company paid him for the ‘We’ trademark

WeWork CEO Adam Neumann has returned about $5.9 million worth of stock that was originally paid to him to acquire the trademark ‘We’. In an amended S-1 filing on Wednesday, WeWork’s parent company, the We Company, noted that it was unwinding the agreement “at Adam’s direction.” The $5.9 million was issued to Neumann after WeWork rebranded to the We Company in January.

Patagonia clears hurdle in trademark case against Anheuser-Busch

Sportswear maker Patagonia has cleared an early hurdle in a trademark infringement case it brought accusing beer company Anheuser-Busch of copying its name and logo for a new brand of beer called Cerveza Patagonia. A federal judge in Los Angeles on Tuesday denied a motion filed by Anheuser-Busch seeking dismissal of five of the eight causes of action raised by Patagonia.

Apple patents Watch band that could ID you from your wrist skin

In creepier news, Apple was granted a patent that describes a sensor built into the Watch or the watch’s band that could use infrared to build a thermal image of your wrist and its identifying traits to identify who is wearing it.

Patagonia, wrist skin identification & more...

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