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CPA Global launch campaign to revamp the IP sector

CPA Global launched a new global campaign called New IP, which calls on the international IP industry to radically re-imagine the business of innovation.

Korean conglomerate CJ develops blockchain for music copyright

CJ, one of South Korea’s largest conglomerates, is developing a blockchain-based music copyright management system using AWS’ Amazon Managed Blockchain Service, according to local media.

Audible calls for court to dismiss Captions copyright lawsuit

Audible has argued a federal court to reject a copyright lawsuit filed by seven publishers against its Captions speech-to-text feature.

US pilot who broke sound barrier sues Airbus for trademark infringement

Chuck Yeager, the retired US Air Force pilot who broke the sound barrier, has sued Airbus saying it used his name, identity and likeness without permission in promotional material for its Airbus Racer helicopter concept.

Apple  is trying to trademark ‘Slofie’

On Friday, Apple applied for a US trademark on “Slofie”, potentially giving the company media control over the word’s usage. Slofies are Apple’s name for slow-motion selfies, a feature that’s new to the iPhone 11 models.

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