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Tom Brady files for trademark on ‘Tom Terrific’

Tom Brady’s bid for a trademark on a nickname some use for him has been met with opposition from Baseball Hall of Famer Tom Seaver’s fans and former teammates.

Apple seeks AR glass patent for hiding secret documents at work

The application suggests that a person will sit down with physical typing and trackpad surfaces while looking at a screen. To observers, this screen might show an image of a “dummy document” or screen saver, while the headset wearer will see an augmented image of the actual document.

New law would let corporations patent human genes

If a new amendment to federal patent legislation gets signed into law, biotech and pharmaceutical companies may be able to paten individual human genes – claiming the right to all experimentation, tests and treatments of genetic conditions.

And finally…

Disney escapes ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ copyright suit

The Walt Disney Co.’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie franchise didn’t lift copyright protectable elements from a screenplay of the same name that Disney had rejected, the US District Court for the Central District of California ruled.

Disney escapes copyright suit & more...

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