ASML reports intellectual property theft & more…Keep up to date with the latest intellectual property news in our weekly round-up…

Gumby Gumby trademark bid angers Indigenous people who want intellectual property rights reform

Aboriginal people and experts are calling for national reform around who can claim intellectual property rights to Indigenous knowledge.

Facebook patent uses image recognition to scan your personal photos for brands

Facebook has just been awarded a patent for technology that could let the social network scan through your photos, see what products you like and then send that data to advertisers in the hopes of selling you more of the product.

ASML says it suffered intellectual property theft, rejects ‘Chinese’ label

Dutch ASML said on Thursday it had been the victim of corporate espionage in 2015 involving employees from countries including China but said it had not been the target of any “national conspiracy”.

The global value of music copyright topped $28bn in 2017

In 2017, the global value of music copyright increased $2bn to reach $28bn, a growth of 7.6%.

And finally…

Trump’s video tweet using Batman music removed due to copyright

President Trump has had a video removed from Twitter because it unlawfully used the music from a Batman film.

ASML reports intellectual property theft & more...

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