Former Coca-Cola scientist indicted & more…Keep up to date with the latest intellectual property news with our weekly round-up…

EU settles on wording for copyright reform legislation

The EU has finally settled on the wording of its Digital Single Market copyright reform package after being three years in the making.

Amazon filed a patent application for tech that could link you to your identity and job

The Rekognition technology could one day scan your face, identify who you are, use visual cues to figure out the kind of work you do, and potentially track you as you move around.

Former Coca-Cola scientists is the latest to be indicted in US crackdown on China-related IP theft

US authorities have charged a Chinese-born, Michigan-based engineer with the attempted theft of trade secrets valued at almost $120million.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air star ‘told he cannot copyright the Carlton dance’ used in NBA2K16 and Fortnite

Alfonso Ribeiro who played Carlton in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air has been denied copyright for a signature dance move performed by his character in the show.

And finally…

Butlers in the Buff wins trademark case

A company providing semi-naked men to serve drinks and food at parties has successfully stopped another firm using its trademark.

Former Coca-Cola scientist indicted & more...

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