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Tara Reid is allegedly suing ‘Sharknado’ producers for $100 million

The actress has claimed that Asylum Entertainment and SYFY Media Productions, the makers of the B-movie franchise, for using her image without her consent on a range of slot machines and gambling products.

Facebook wants to patent tech to predict where users are going – what could possibly go wrong…

The social network has filed a patent application labelled ‘Offline Trajectories’ which could be used to update users’ newsfeeds to content suitable to their location or potential next location, based on logged data.

The death of memes and other myths of the EU’s controversial new copyright laws

The ongoing battle between European policymakers and YouTube rumbles on into 2019, bringing with it a range of myths about what the updating of the European Copyright Directive will mean for content-sharing platforms.

…And finally…

GE Appliances actually applies for ‘Big Boy’ trademark after ‘SNL’ skit

An SNL spoof commercial for extra ‘manly’ household appliances has thrown GE Appliances a lifeline, as executives have now applied for a “Big Boy” trademark, the appliance name used in the sketch.

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