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Chris Skidmore named new IP minister

Following the resignation of Sam Gyimah earlier this month (December 2018) , Chris Skidmore is now the third person to hold the role as minister of state for universities, science, research and innovation since the beginning of 2018.

Harry Potter author files DMCA notice on fan project

J. K. Rowling has filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) claim against a Kickstarter-funded fan project that she believes infringes on her copyright for the Harry Potter series.

Can you copyright a dance move like ‘the Carlton’?

‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ actor Alfonso Ribeiro has launched a lawsuit against the creators of video game Fortnite for ripping off his special “the Carlton” dance moves, which begs the question – can you copyright a dance move?!

US and UK accuse China of sustained hacking campaign

After two Chinese nationals were charged in the US in relation to a campaign reaching across Europe, Asia and the US, both the American and British governments have accused China of waging a cyber-campaign intent on the large-scale theft of commercial intellectual property.

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