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Claridge’s sues candle maker claiming trademark infringement

Butcher, baker, candlestick…faker?! The Mayfair hotel has accused a small Kent-based candle company, Claridge Candles, of attempting to trade off their reputation and have asked the company to withdraw their trademark application.

Craft-beer Brewers Open Taps as Trademarks Soar to Record

Craft beer aficionados can raise a glass to being spoilt for choice, as the number of registered trademarks for beer in the UK rose by a whopping 20% in 2017 to a record 2,372, reflecting the increasing demand for small-batch and limited-edition beers.

Journalist Hits Magnolia, CNN Films with Copyright Suit for Using her Gilda Radner Interviews

Hillary Johnson, a journalist who conducted a range of taped interviews with the SNL star who sadly died in 1989, is suing the production companies making a film about the star’s life as she claims to be copyright co-owner of the material.

Samsung patent reveals flexible tablet design

The tech giant are working on a fold-able mobile phone which will bend both inwards and outwards, an innovative function that the patent released in October 2018 revealed.

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